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Advance your career in an environment that embraces innovation and values teamwork. At our core, we don't just operate; we grow, creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for all.


Valuing every role

Welcome to SocialNest, where we're more than a leading provider of SaaS and digital products for boosting social media presence. Our heart lies in empowering our team, valuing your ideas, and fostering your growth. With us, innovation meets opportunity, as we work together on projects that enhance online engagement and content management.

Joining SocialNest means embarking on a journey of personal and professional development. Here, your contributions drive not just our clients' success but your career advancement too. Let's transform the digital landscape together, starting with your next big step.

Discover the Benefits of Joining Our Team


From a home office, or travel continuously if that's your thing.


Paid leaves, sick leaves, and paid parental leaves in addition to paid maternity leaves.


Enjoy up to two weeks of vacation to unwind and rejuvenate.


Annual contribution to your health insurance policy.


Compensation updates based on performance.


Recent trips took us to Cyprus; Dubai's next in January.


Budget for conferences, courses, and books

your own schedule

No more than 40 hours per week and 8 hours daily.

Driven by our values

In a place where every voice matters, our values speed us up, and wins are celebrated together. Our quick, no-bureaucracy way of doing things means we're always moving forward.

Here, different perspectives unite for big goals, boosting both your growth and our collective success. With flexible schedules and great perks, every achievement feels like a rewarding journey you'll want to be part of.


Fueling our journey towards excellence and inviting us to leave a lasting impact


Adapting with agility not just to markets but within our collaborative team.


Empowers you to shape the future with us, and turn the bold ideas into reality


Uniting diverse talents to achieve shared victories.


Shape outcomes as if the company was your own.


Fostering openness and honesty in all our interactions.

Time zones and locations of the team members:
UAE, Lebanon, Morocco, Brazil, Thailand, Bulgaria, Georgia, Egypt, Poland, Serbia, Turkey
2 product lines
25 employees
11 countries

Worldwide Collaboration, Personal Engagement

At SocialNest, our diversity is our superpower. We're a mosaic of different cultures, backgrounds, and insights, stretching from the dynamic cityscapes of the UAE to the tranquil beauty of Thailand, and from the ancient allure of Egypt to the lively rhythms of Brazil. Each member of our team, whether they're dialing in from the historic streets of Lebanon or the bustling markets of Morocco, contributes to our unique global identity while staying deeply connected to our local roots. Explore the worldwide span of our team and see how we come together to make a difference.

Team Spirit in Action

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Our current open positions

We're on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about innovation and collaboration. If you're ready to make a significant impact in the financial solutions space, explore our open positions below:

We currently have no open positions

While we don't have open positions right now, we're always keen to meet talented individuals. Don't hesitate to send us your CV. By connecting with our HR team, you'll be in the loop for future opportunities. We look forward to exploring potential paths with you!

User Experience Manager

Requirements: Strong analytical skills, experience with SaaS or digital products, and a proven track record in leading UX initiatives that drive business growth. Expertise in user psychology, A/B testing, and conversion rate optimization is essential.

Role: Lead a team to develop and implement strategies that enhance customer interactions and conversion rates across digital platforms, ensuring our solutions are industry-leading.

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates or willing to relocate

Digital Customer Experience Manager

Requirements: A proven track record in enhancing user engagement and conversion rates. Must have leadership experience and strong skills in data analysis, user experience design, and conversion rate optimization.

Role: Lead the development and execution of innovative digital strategies to improve customer interactions and increase conversion rates across all digital touchpoints.

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates or willing to relocate

Senior SEO Lead

Requirements: Seeking an SEO expert with a proven track record, leadership experience, and strong skills in both technical and content SEO.

Role: Lead the development and execution of a targeted SEO strategy to enhance online presence and meet business objectives. Responsibilities include building and implementing an SEO strategy, maximizing SEO ranking and revenue, and managing SEO budget and spending.

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates or willing to relocate

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